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been thinking of doing this for a while....

Ok.... so i have come up with a crazy idea, and i'd really love to do it, but the question is always of time and i've never really done anything like this before....

I've been thinking of making a stills community for a while now. But i didn't know what fandom it was going to be based on as there are heaps for every fandom out there. Then there is the question to how well the comm will go, participation and how much time it will take to run, and how much time i will have to give to it.

Then there are always comms that work well, and then the ones that always end up dying or getting forgotten about. I'd hate for that to happen, because it has always happened to the coms i have loved, and participated in

I'm thinking of creating a stills com for the show Once Upon A Time, as there is no stills com for it yet, and im already thinking of different challengers i can use.... i think it would be fun, but i'll have to put in an effort for it. And also i know there is going to be a time where i won't be able to do much because im going to be going into hospital before christmas and i'll most likely want to sleep....

So basically im asking you all for your input/thoughts/advice/incouragement/experience/anything basically that could give me a hand or give me an idea of what i'd be getting myself into. I'd love to see your comments
Tags: stills community, tv show: once upon a time
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